GONETOS · Four-Wire Access and Twenty Dial Overlay

One company, one GONETOS is enough

Compatibility of Telecom, Netcom and Education Network

1. Appropriate hardware

Hardware to support brushes
The used the BIPHINET WR450

3、Completely free

Find customer service to get firmware download address
Or buy officially recommended routers

5、Designated export

Multi-line and Multi-dial situation
Optimize exports for an IP terminal, Telecom or Unicom line, respectively

2、Free download firmware

Download Firmware Suitable for Yourself from Official Baidu Disk

4、Four wire access

This is part of the challenge
One-click setup router supports 4-wire multi-dialing

6、Overlapping status of field measurements

Thunderbolt downloads five popular games at the same time
The total network speed should frighten the little buddies.

Technical specifications
Support type

Mercury MW4530

Unique function

Four-wire Access, Intelligent Exit

Single-line multi-dial, up to support single-line eight-dial
Load Balancing Function of Intelligent Routing in Multi-dial State
Designate export function according to protocol port in Multi-dial state
Port Forwarding Function in Multi-dial State
UPNP function in Multi-dial state
Dynamic Domain Name Function in Multi-dial State


Wireless type:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wireless Spectrum:2.4G sup[2.412~2.472GHZ]
Transmission speed:300~750Mbps
Available channel:1~11

Real map
Measured environment

Line Medium: Optical Fiber
Signing Bandwidth: Telecom20M
Bandwidth Attribution: Guangzhou
Effective multiple dialing: 5 routes
Overlap bandwidth: 8M/S [equivalent to 80M bit]

  • Forever Free use
  • Four line Access
  • IntelligenceRouting exit
  • Giveit a try